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Asbestos Surveying & Assessment

Step 1. Send us an example report

Step 2. We merge our App into your report

Step 3. Go do a survey!

Step 4. You get your report with photos, text, and data in tables - it’s that simple!

Clarinspect does it your way.

Clarinspect is used for a wide range of asbestos surveys and assessments.

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring (post-clearance checks for Class A, B, perimeter, Pre-removal)

  • Asbestos Soil Sampling (with geo-tagged samples)

  • Asbestos Site Audit

  • Asbestos management surveys

  • Pre-demolition surveys

  • Clearance Certification inspections

  • Decontamination inspections

You can have any fields on your App, and Clarinspect does not constrain the order in which you do work.

Unlike other systems, Clarinspect adapts to your way of working and delivers a report as you want it, in your corporate style in Word or PDF.

Add samples and locations from a floorplan (click to enlarge)

Add sample details rapidly, add photos, make annotations

Clients Include...

The report now takes me about a 1/4 of the time it used to!
— Director, Asbestos Survey Company
Being able to mark and enter samples via the site plan is a major time saving - I get a fully annotated floor plan and speedy data entry!
— Consultant Asbestos Assessor
It is so user friendly we have the confidence to give the device to anyone in the company and with a brief demonstration send them out to carry out a site inspection.
— Farren Joinbee, Asbestos Surveyor, Babbage Consulting

Clarinspect cuts out the time consuming and error-prone steps in producing an inspection report. (click to enlarge)


  • Easy to use Mobile App

  • Cloud based inspection management website

  • Cloud based reporting

  • Reports delivered in Word, PDF - you choose

  • Sample duplication for rapid site surveys

  • Add samples and locations direct from floorplan

  • Reports in your style - laid out as you want it

  • Works online and offline, work saved all the time!

Clarinspect improves the field information gathering (samples and observations) and then compiles your report for you with all photos put in the correct places, sized and formatted ready for you to tweak the report adding the benefit of your expertise.

Save between 50% and 75% of the time you spend on manual inspections.

We have one client who is saving 4.5 hours per report by using Clarinspect. What would you do with that saving?


Our clients have used Clarinspect to answer the following problems:

  • What on earth did I write on my paper inspection sheet?

  • Why am I spending so much time downloading and renaming photos?

  • There must be a way of automatically getting my photos formatted into my report?

  • How can I mark my samples on a floor plan?

  • How can I get all my results into a table quickly?

  • I want my report in my template, not looking like everyone else's!

[Clarinspect are] very friendly, approachable and great to work with.
— Farren Joinbee, Asbestos Surveyor, Babbage Consultants
The Clarinspect app is a lot more user-friendly than the app I had used before
— Krystal Lewer, Operations Manager, Direct Hazmat
...Clarinspect is still better for Air Monitoring than TEAMS.
— Asbestos Team Leader, I wish to remain anonymous!

Depending on your inspection you may recoup between 50% and 75% of the time you used to spend on manual inspections. We have one client who is saving 4.5 hours per report by using Clarinspect. What would you do with that saving?

Free Inspection Types from the Library!

The following are examples of forms and reports from the Clarinspect system and are to show what could be done. They have been anonymised.

Each Assessment/Inspection is shown on a mobile device and also with at least one output format (usually a MS Word Document).

The forms and report templates are customisable and all reporting is rapid and cloud-based. 

... or we build new ones for you!

Creating a new Inspection Type including reports (there may be multiple) can take as little as 10 hours. We do this based on your templates so you know what we deliver is fit for your purposes.

Free to Clarinspect clients.

Click the "<" and ">" by the inspection titles to cycle through forms and example reports.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety is often 'another system' or 'another piece of paper'. With Clarinspect, essential H&S forms can be added into the main inspection. This means they are completed exactly where needed so staff are prompted about their H&S responsibilities whilst they are focussed on the work in hand and safety is never overlooked. 

The completed Health and Safety forms can be directed to the people that need them, ensuring hazard registers can be updated and a complete record of compliance is always available. 

With Clarinspect, Health and Safety is never an afterthought. See our blog post for more information.

Health and Safety can be operated in parallel to Hazardous Materials and Occupational Hygiene inspections, or as a part of them. Click to enlarge.

H&S is fast now. It is much better using the tablet. There is less paper and less to flick through.
— Engineering field staff

Benefits in a nutshell

We like that Clarinspect are not just a ‘form on a device’ company, but look at how we work, what we want to achieve and back that up with continued expertise, support and advice around IT and mobile device usage. They know their business - and ours!
— Director, Asbestos Assessment Company

Benefit by using our innovative mobile and cloud based software to:

  • Undertake Assessments on or off-line

  • Streamline your data gathering processes

  • Transmit required Assessments to staff in the field

  • Monitor progress via our website

  • Generate completed reports and deliver them to your customers in record time.