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About Us

Our aim: To enable you to save time and money through the most rapid and accurate inspection and assessment processes ever! 

The idea for Clarinspect emerged from our experiences during the 2010/2011 earthquakes here in Christchurch NZ. We identified a need for robust, resilient technology that allowed field staff to gather information, photographs and details and automatically get them loaded into a back-office system. 

Since our last bad experience at the epicentre of a 6.3 shake the system is now in use with many forward-looking organisations.

We are very proud of what we have achieved, and the ability of our system.

We just don't want to go through an earthquake again to test it!

Find us on LinkedIn, on Twitter as Clarinspect, and also as the very helpful AssessmentNinja.

The system saves time. This comes from the reduction in repeated editing of core logs so there is no more back and forth, checking nor alterations. People don’t spend time cutting and pasting photos into reports - it is all done by the system.
— Alan Thorp, Technical Manager, Ground Investigation, April 2016


Clarinspect is developed and owned by:

Clarinspect Limited

48 Wilton Crescent


Christchurch 8053

New Zealand

Hours of service:

Sunday: Whenever you need us

Monday thru Friday: Whenever you need us

Saturday: Whenever you need us

To speak to a human:

+64 (0) 3 669 2924


Our Clients Include ...

We needed a quicker way of doing things, but most software out there is overly-complicated and yet still generic. I knew we needed something bespoke, tailored to our specific business – an Olsson branded product, almost. Clarinspect delivered.
— Alan Page, Associate and Passive Fire Inspector, Olsson Fire & Risk, March 2017

The productivity improvement we gained by replacing manual paper processes with the Clarinspect service was excellent. With just two inspectors and a manager involved, we predict we will save $10s of thousands per year in clerical support charges while seeing an increase of the number of inspections we do each day.
— Anne Columbus, Inspections and Enforcement Unit Manager, Christchurch City Council, Nov 2013
The time from first kick-off meeting to getting our hands on a functional tool was very quick - a matter of days, and we certainly felt involved and educated about how much we could tailor the system ourselves.
— Janet Connochie, Senior Chemical Consultant and Systems Manager, Chemsafety Limited, July 2015