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Local Authorities and Councils

There is always more to get done with less when it comes to Local Authorities, Councils, and Regional Governance.

Clarinspect is used to save time on undertaking inspections, reducing process time and to get your data into your systems to enable effective and rapid decision making.

Complex Legislation; Accurate, Rapid inspections

Clarinspect is used by Local Authorities for Recording compliance (and non-compliance!) against:

  • Building code

  • Overhanging vegetation

  • Local Authority assets (e.g. retaining wall, bridges)

  • Swimming pool compliance

Free Inspection Types from the Library!

The following are examples of forms and reports from the Clarinspect system and are to show what could be done. They have been anonymised.

Each Assessment/Inspection is shown on a mobile device and also with at least one output format (usually a MS Word Document).

The forms and report templates are customisable and all reporting is rapid and cloud-based. 

... or we build new ones for you!

Creating a new Inspection Type including reports (there may be multiple) can take as little as 10 hours. We do this based on your templates so you know what we deliver is fit for your purposes.

Click the "<" and ">" by the inspection titles to cycle through forms and example reports

Clients include

The templates above can be used and adapted by any  Local Authority.

Asset Management

The Asset Inspections can be linked into your Asset Management system. 

Currently these are being used by a large local authority to  schedule asset inspections, and then Clarinspect returns the data directly back into the database, updating all fields and loading reports and images into the right locations.

If you drive your asset inspections from RAMM or similar - call us now!