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Demo & Trial

Book a screen-shared demo before spending time on a trial!

Trial our pre-set inspection and assessment processes for free.

Or better still, try a managed trial with your own forms and report templates!

Reduce costs, raise efficiency, free your staff from the mechanical drudgery of compiling reports from raw data, handwritten notes and photos downloaded from a camera or phone. Is this you? If it is, then a trial is what you need.

Book a screen-share demo

  • The easiest way to learn about Clarinspect

  • We walk you through the App usage

  • Show you how to create and assign inspections

Managed Trial

  • Heavily discounted consultancy rate to implement your forms, process and report

  • Two week charge-free usage

  • All output is in your template and in your branding - ready for your clients!

Free trial

  • Access to our public library of pre-set Assessments

  • Two week charge-free usage

Get started today - and you could be inspecting, taking photos and linking them to defects, faults or observations!

Get started today - and you could be inspecting, taking photos and linking them to defects, faults or observations!

What we do in a trial

We listen. We meet with you and work through:

  • What you want to achieve - the benefits

  • An estimate of return on investment (ROI)

  • Your specific inspection processes and reports

After the trial we review the benefits and savings with you.

Complete the form below and we will get you on the road to efficiency. 

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