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Emergency Response

Our city, Christchurch, was shattered by Earthquakes over 2010/2011. This was followed by the Kaikoura emergency of 2016. We have seen teams of emergency response workers using clipboards and cameras during the immediate response, and throughout the rebuild. We knew it could be done better.

Clarinspect as designed to be robust, to work on and offline, and to integrate into a wider effort.

This, and the innate adaptability, is what makes Clarinspect the tool of choice for pulling a coherent emergency response together.

Urgent Inspections. Communicated rapidly.

The origin of Clarinspect is in the need to capture situational information, and images, during an emergency such as an earthquake. This was one of the original use-cases we came up with having seen emergency response workers using clipboards and cameras during the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010/2011. 

To this end we have implemented the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Building Rapid Assessment templates for use by Clarinspect clients. You can read about these in our blog.  We have implemented the following MBIE forms:

  • Simple Residential Buildings - Earthquake

  • Complex Residential and all Non-Residential Buildings - Level 1

  • Complex Residential and all Non-Residential Buildings - Level 2

These forms combine the best of structured data capture for rapid damage assessment with the utility of a mobile device - images and GPS positioning.


Blog Posts about our experiences

Benefits in a nutshell

Clarinspect worked cooperatively in developing the application for our inspections, and helped provide alternatives for our evolving requirements
— Warren Ladbrook, Civil and Infrastructure Services Manager, Harrison Grierson, Feb 2017

Benefit by using our innovative mobile and cloud based software to:

  • Undertake Assessments on or off-line

  • Streamline your data gathering processes

  • Transmit required Assessments to staff in the field

  • Monitor progress via our website

  • Generate completed reports and deliver them to your customers in record time.